Take-Akari,Bamboo Lights

During the event period, Hakata Old Town will be decorated with bamboo objects, brightening the Old Town streetscape. Along Jotenji-dori Avenue, enjoy the illuminations together with the glow of the bamboo lanterns that gently envelops the elegant streetscape.


Year 2023 Friday,Jul.28th〜
19:00~22:00(Bamboo lanterns illumination)

It was scheduled to be installed by Aug.15th, but due to the typhoon, it was canceled on Aug.6th.Thank you for coming to many people.
These are pictures of the bamboo lanterns installed at this event.


  • 博多千年門

    Sennen-no-Mon Gate

  • 承天寺通り


  • 櫛田神社表参道鳥居

    Torii Gate on the
    approach to the
    Kushida Shrine

  • 「博多町家」ふるさと館

    Furusatokan museum
    Reisen-Koji Street

  • 櫛田神社

    Kushida Shrine


Kushida Shrine




At the core of this unit are CHIKA and KEN, who met at Sojo University. In April 2007 they established CHIKAKEN, a company that designs, creates, and installs take-akari (bamboo lanterns with decorative carvings with light (candles or LED lights) placed inside) in accordance with “Festival-style Urban Development” as proposed by Keiichi Uchimaru, their former teacher. Currently the unit comprises five artisans.
Based in Kumamoto, CHIKAKEN illuminates take-akari all over Japan, creating scenery and stories that are unique to each area.
Rather than take-akari--which connect "People and people, people and communities, people and nature"--being seen simply as a business model, CHIKAKEN is aiming to pass take-akari down to future generations as a new form of "Japanese culture".

〈Main Activities thus far〉

  • Kumamoto-gurashi Hito-zukuri Mizu-akari festival: Overseeing design/production (Kumamoto; 2007–)
    <Winner of the 16th Furusato Event Award>
  • 100th Anniversary Commemorative Festival of the Emperor Meiji (Meiji Shrine, Tokyo; 2012)
    <Winner of the 32nd Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry Display Industry Awards Display of the Year Award>
  • Kurokawa Onsen Yu Akari: Production (Kumamoto, 2013–)
  • ANA x Mizuakari Sora Aakri: Production (Kumamoto, 2013, 2014)
  • Super Typhoon Yolanda Memorial Event: Take-akari presentation (Palo City, Philippines, 2014)
  • WA-ART NIHONBASHI (Nihonbashi Mitsui Hall, Tokyo, 2015)
  • Tohoku Wo Tomosou Project (Yamamoto Town and other sites, Miyagi Prefecture, 2016)
  • G7 Ise-Shima Summit Partners’ Program dinner venue (Shima City, Mie Prefecture, 2016)
  • J-POP SUMMIT 2016 (San Francisco, United States, 2016)
  • The 25th Jodo Shinshu Priest Inauguration Ceremony Sponsor Event: Nishihonganji Temple light up) (Kyoto, 2017)
  • Bamboo Light Up Festival: Take-akari design direction (Anji County, China, 2018)
  • Japanese Consulate Kumamoto Tourism and Gourmet Reception: Venue decoration) (Los Angeles, United States, 2018)
  • Burning Man 2019 (United States, 2019)
  • The Japan Foundation Program, FESTIVAL DO BAMBU (Bauru, Brazil, 2020)
  • Minna no Soka (nationwide take-akari illumination event, 2020)
  • 2020 Taoyuan Land Art Festival (Taiwan; 2020)