Enjoy summer in Hakata Old Town. Enjoy summer in Hakata Old Town.
EVENT PERIOD:July 28(Fri) to August 15(Tue)

Event Overview

The Hakata Old Town area is now gaining attention as a place to experience Hakata’s history and culture through historical temples and shrines, bustling shopping arcades, and traditional performing arts! This summer we will be holding a summer festival event that will enliven the Hakata Old Town area!

Throughout the duration of event there will be lots of activities to make the stroll around the town even more enjoyable, such as fun stamp rallies and bamboo lanterns brightly decorating the streets! We are also preparing various opportunities to experience Japanese cuisine and culture!

Than,for a limited three-day period,, from August 4 (Fri.) to 6 (Sun.), there will be food stalls, handmade craft stalls, booths, stage events, and more, all centered on the Kawabata Shopping Arcade! Yukata (summer kimonos) will also be sold with lessons provided on how to wear them, so enjoy the Japanese summer festival while strolling around Hakata Old Town dressed in yukata!



Hakata Old Town

Hakata's Old Town prospered as the hub of Hakata, which was the largest port city for trade in Japan during the Middle Ages (roughly the early 12th to late 16th centuries CE). As a testament to this past, the area exudes the unique history, tradition, and culture of the era.

Visiting this area will make your travel experiences in Fukuoka more profound: stroll down peaceful streets lined with historic temples and shrines, visit the lively shopping arcade, appreciate the traditional craft and performing arts of Hakata, and experience the lifestyle and culture of Hakatakko, the people of Hakata, known for their love of festivals.

Hakata Old Town Map

Hakata Old Town Map


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